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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC*                  89

them at the next performance, which I accordingly
did, and they were most hospitably received. The
play was the same as before; only Williams, being
ill, was doubled by Collins of the Shields Company,
and Captain Scott of the artillery, in the farce.
The play was even better acted by Lord Delaval
and his daughter this time than the last, and the
farce was still more detestable. We had supper,
and songs by a Mr. Smith, with horrid convulsions.
The company, on account of the darkness of the
night, stayed till eight in the morning.

We slept there, and returned to Newcastle in
the afternoon of the next day to dine at the mess
of the Scots Greys.

From thence I made an excursion to Caphea-
ton, which is very much improved of late, the
house being furnished and fitted up in a very
comfortable and expensive style.

I found, on my return to this part of the
country, that my introduction of Lord Strathmore
at Seaton Delaval had been followed up, and that
he was now completely domicilie in the family.
The whole party sent to ask me to sup with them
at the inn at Newcastle, after the guild ball. I
was rather surprised to see the intimacy which
had struck up so suddenly; and a fine scene
between Lady Tyrconnel and Lord Strathmore